Möckelsnäs Trädgård

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lör - sön mellan kl 12.00 - 17.00 
2 November, 2019, 31 January, 2020

Möckelsnäs Trädgård och Kulturcentrum

Möckelsnäs Garden and Cultural Center are beside the busy roads, a little further into nature, where the noise has silenced and the pace is a bit calmer. Give yourself time to take a small detour, stop for a while and experience our garden and its orangery. Enjoy the garden's scents and color splendor

Orangeri och Café

In the orangery there is, in addition to exotic plants, also a café where we serve organic coffee with a local, artisanal, produced range of tasty coffee bread, waffles, sandwiches, ice cream and lighter snacks. You can also sit down in the orangery's book cafe with a good cup of tea, light a candle and relax in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.


Cultural Center

Our Cultural Center will undergo a rebuild with start to the autumn and will be completed in spring 2020. But already this summer we will start a thief with a smaller supply. In the art hall, artist Arne Persson shows his colorful painting. In the concert hall, we offer guest plays from, among others, Smålandsoperan, classical music, jazz, blues and storytellers from Sagobygden. You can read more about this under the heading events.
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In the store

Next door to our cafe is a garden shop where you can browse among the plants that we have for sale. There are also other garden ornaments with which you can gild your own gardens. In time, we will fill up with crafts of various kinds. Here we present some of our craftsmen and their works.

On the Go

Arne Persson utställning Konsthallen

Möckelsnäs alldeles egna mycket uppskattade konstnär ställer just nu ut i vår konsthall. Missa inte att se alla dessa fantastiska

Now we are up and running!

For a few years, this treasure has been abandoned, now new owners have taken over with muscles to work long-term

In the garden

The garden machines have made their way into our garden. Hedges should be moved, some cultivation boxes should be removed


Happened at Möckelsnäs garden and Cultural Center

Nature reserve

We are in the middle of a nature reserve. Here you can experience untouched nature up close. You can wander through the beautiful deciduous forest at the end of the nose. In the early summer, the forest is accompanied by song from the rich bird life. Here you can unpack your brought picnic basket, or let our garden cafe pack one for you.

Fishing and nature experiences

If you want to experience the lake Möckeln, you can rent a boat with a powered stern or a canoe. If you want you can try your luck, we arrange fishing licenses, equipment and bait at a modest cost.
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