Möckelsnäs Trädgård

On the go at Möckelsnäs Trädgård och Kulturcentrum!

In the garden

The garden machines have made their way into our garden. Hedges should be moved, some cultivation boxes should be removed to make room for the new fine café tables that our architect ordered. On the back is planned for the kitchen garden, here it is locally grown in its best sense. Imagine getting a sun-ripe tomato on the lettuce in the dish! Good!

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Arne Persson utställning Konsthallen

9 April, 2019

Möckelsnäs alldeles egna mycket uppskattade konstnär ställer just nu ut i vår konsthall. Missa


Now we are up and running!

2 April, 2019

For a few years, this treasure has been abandoned, now new owners have taken

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